Monday, October 22, 2007

Yes Magazine

Yes magazine is the best periodical I have seen on how to change the world society to be more inclusive, environmentally sound, and equitable in terms of the basic necessities of life.

Yes magazine talks about our world's real problems, and what people all over the world are doing to solve those problems.

Although the problems are huge, and the institutions standing in the way of progress are stubbornly short-sighted, Yes magazine is actually optimistic, because it talks about how we can surmount the obstacles.

I think the world will be a better place when more people get behind efforts like Yes magazine.

Yes magazine also has a fine website, and a line of great books.

And check out the Yes Action Resource Center.

What We Need for a Just and Peaceful World

What We Need for a Just and Peaceful World

A system of international law with institutional support that guarantees the following:

A hierarchical system with checks and balances at and between all levels.

Governments at all levels that reflect the will of their people.

Open and fair elections.

Usurpers removed, governments returned to legitimate representatives.

Basic civil rights: speech, media, assembly, association, judicial, political & elections, religion & belief.

Protection of minority rights, including ethnic, religious, political, and other minorities.

Warfare effectively abolished, both between and within countries. An international judicial system to replace warfare.

Political boundaries established by judicial decisions based on just and reasonable criteria.

Just and equitable economic systems, local and international, that also reward individual effort and contribution to the general welfare, and facilitate prosperity.

An end to poverty, defined as lack of basic necessities, including food, clean water, shelter, health care, and education.

Management of the world’s ecosystem to ensure that ours and future generations will survive and enjoy the benefits of life.

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